2009 July 25-30 IASIL (International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures) at the University of Glasgow, UK; Theme: “Irish Literatures: World Perspectives”
–> http://www.arts.gla.ac.uk/STELLA/IASIL2009/sessions.pdf (program): One Session
November 19-21 ELLAK (English Language and Literature Association of Korea),
Kyeongju, Korea: “Transnationalism and Cultural Translation”: 2 Sessions
2010 Jan 29. Conference on “Diaspora and Transnationalism”
Feb 24. Symposium on Theme: “Transnationalism and Multiculturalism”
March 19. Conference on “Women of Ireland – Voices from the Writings of Great Irish Writers”
April 1-4 ACLA (American Comparative Literature Association), New Orleans, USA
–> Program: http://www.acla.org/ACLA_2010_Program-Final.pdf: One Paper
May 18. Symposium on “Psychoanalysis, Literature and Transnationalism”
August 15-21 ICLA (International Comparative Literature Association):
Choong-Ang University, Seoul, Korea: One Session
Session: “Transnational Turn Beyond Multiculturalism in Critical Theory”
October 19. Symposium on Language Poetry with Charles Bernstein, Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania, USA
November 26. Undergraduate Conference & Symposium
November 29. Symposium with Myung Mi Kim, Professor of English, Director of the Poetics Program, SUNY-Buffalo, USA
December 2-4 ELLAK (English Language and Literature Association of Korea) International Conference, Daejeon Convention Center, Korea:
Theme: “Language, Literature, and Culture in English: Glocal and Transcultural Passages”: 2 Sessions
December 6. Symposium with Marjorie Perloff, Professor of English at Stanford University/USC, Former President of MLA
2011 February 11. Symposium and Roundtable at the University of Virginia, USA
Stephan Fuchs, Professor of Sociology
Olivier Zunz, Professor of History
Brantly Womack, Professor of Politics
Jahan Ramazani Professor of English
Karen Ryan, Professor of Russian Literature
Randolph D. Pope, Professor of Spanish Literature
June 9. Symposium on Cultural Translation
H.E. Dr. Eamon McKee, Ambassador of Ireland
H.E. Mr. Lars Vargo, Ambassador of Sweden
Prof. Brother Anthony, Professor Emeritus of English, Sogang University; and Prof. Chull Wang, Professor of English, Chonbuk National University.