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석학 초청 강연 : Distinguished Lecture Series

  • 2011
    • Jun. 9 Holding Distinguished Lecture Series VII and Symposium:
      H.E. Dr. Eamon McKee, Ambassador of Ireland
      H.E. Mr. Lars Vargo, Ambassador of Sweden
      Prof. Brother Anthony, Professor Emeritus of English, Sogang University; and Prof. Chull Wang, Professor of English, Chonbuk National University.
    • Feb. 11 Holding Distinguished Lecture Series VI and Symposium and Roundtable at the University of Virginia, USA
      Stephan Fuchs, Professor of Sociology
      Olivier Zunz, Professor of History
      Brantly Womack, Professor of Politics
      Jahan Ramazani Professor of English
      Karen Ryan, Professor of Russian Literature
      Randolph D. Pope, Professor of Spanish Literature
  • 2010
    • Dec. 6 Holding Distinguished Lecture Series V and Symposium: Marjorie Perloff, Professor of English at Stanford University/USC, Former President of MLA
    • Nov. 29 Holding Distinguished Lecture Series IV and Symposium: Myung Mi Kim, Professor of English, Director of the Poetics Program, SUNY-Buffalo
    • Oct. 19 Holding Distinguished Lecture Series III & Symposium: Professor and Poet Charles Bernstein (University of Pennsylvania)
    • May 18 Hosting Distinguished Lecture Series II and Symposium: Peter L. Rudnytsky, Professor of English, The University of Florida, Editor of The American Imago: Theme: “Psychoanalysis, Literature and Transnationalism”
    • Jan. 29 Hosting Distinguished Lecture Series I and Conference: Ambassadors of Sweden and Ireland: Theme: “Diaspora and Transnationalism”
      “Transnational World Literature and the Nobel Prize in Literature”
      Mr. Lars Vargö, Ambassador of Sweden
      “Transnationalism and Diaspora”
      Dr. Eamonn McKee, Ambassador of Ireland
      “Transnationalism and Culture”
      Mr. Brian Gibel, Cultural Attaché, Embassy of USA